A Quick Statistics Snapshot for the Salmon Library, March 2014

We know that several people enjoyed seeing the information we posted for February.  Without further ado, here is the same sort of quick statistics snapshot for March 2014.

The Salmon Library had 15,938 visitors in March, averaging slightly over 590 per day.  (Note that the library was open for most of Spring Break.)

We checked out 1559 books during the month. We also checked out an additional 164 books/materials through Interlibrary Loan.

For non-book check-outs, we had 114 laptop/iPad checkouts and 304 checkouts of other materials (markers, keyboards, and so forth usually for our study rooms). Also, those study rooms were checked out 324 times.

Some notes:

  • The laptops and study rooms can be checked out at the User Services desk for a period of three hours. Books are checked out based on status, from 28 days for Undergrads to 90 days for grads to 1 year for staff and faculty. See User Services Guide for more information [or call them at (256)824-6530]
  • Also, iPads can be checked out for up to five days.  Again, see the User Services Guide for more information [or call (256)824-6530].
  • If you need a group study area but the study rooms are all in use, there’s still hope!  Check to see if the media:scape study areas or if any of the group study tables & monitors are available.  (Both can be found on the 1st floor of the library, in the North tower.  If your computer or tablet does not have an HDMI output connection, check with the User Services desk at the front of the library to see if we have the appropriate connector in stock.)

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