A Quick Statistics Snapshot for the Salmon Library, February 2014

Here is a quick statistics snapshot looking back at some numbers for February 2014.

The Salmon Library had 16, 940 visitors in February, an average of slightly over 675 per day.*

We checked out 1293 books during the month. We also checked out an additional 158 books/materials through Interlibrary Loan.

For non-book check-outs, we had 131 laptop checked out and 240 checkouts of other materials (markers, keyboards, and so forth usually for our study rooms). Speaking of our study rooms, those were checked out 267 times.

Some Notes,

  • the laptops and study rooms can be checked out at the User Services desk for a period of three hours. Books are checked out based on status, from 28 days for Undergrads to 90 days for grads to 1 year for staff and faculty. See User Services Guide for more information [or call them at (256)824-6530]
  • Interlibrary Loan allows our students, faculty, and staff to request materials to which we do not have immediate access. See the Interlibrary Loan Guide to see more.
Study in your Comfort Zone

* As a special note, keep in mind that the library was closed along with the rest of the campus on February 11-13 due to snowstorms. The “per day” average will be figured for 25 days due to this (naturally). The weather for the month in general would have had other impacts on our system, but I’ll avoid speculation.

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