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Engineering Student Retention

The University of Michigan’s College of Engineering teamed up with the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in 2004 to help better train graduate student instructors (GSI) in engineering and promote a culture of teaching and learning. This website provides visitors interested in perusing the “Research and Scholarship in Engineering Education” ample amounts of material. They will find the following categories “U-M Engineering Projects”, “Posters Presented at U-M”, along with “Select Publications by CRLN-Engin Staff”. The Posters are displayed each fall, and show research by the College of Engineering faculty and graduate students. One intriguing poster from the fifth annual poster session was entitled “Who Majors in STEM: Psychological Measures that Predict Major Choice”. The U-M Engineering Projects cover four main topics, and multiple subtopics, such as “Engineering Student Retention”, “Technology in the Classroom”, and “Innovative Course Content”.

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