Let the Library Help Your Students With Access to Course Software

Do you teach a course using special software your students need for assignments? If you have licenses for the software your students need, or if it is open source, the library can install the software on 20 computers in the public computing lab on the first floor (the Information Arcade). These computers are available until midnight on weekdays, 6:00pm on Saturdays, and 10:00pm on Sundays giving your students extra time to work on assignments for your class.

The deadline for requesting software on library computers for Summer semester is April 15. Check the link to see a list of software currently installed in the public computing lab: http://libguides.uah.edu/pclabs.

For more information or to request software, please contact Jack Drost at Jack.Drost@uah.edu or by phone at (256)824-7407.

Salmon Library is now offering Onshelf Holds

The Salmon Library User Services Desk has now started offering onshelf holds. What this means for you is that you can browse our catalog after signing into your account, find the book you want, and then place it on hold. You can mark up to five titles as such, and they will be held for up to five days. You will receive an email when the hold is available at the desk.

There are a number of factors that can impact how long that takes, including if the book is currently checked out (in which case, it will be held when it gets brought back). If the held book is on the shelf when the hold is placed, it will be brought down to User Services the next day. If you need a book more immediately, you are of course welcome to skip the hold and to grab the book off the shelf and check it out right away. Onshelf holds are meant more to reserve a book you plan to pick up in a day or two.

For information, see Placing Holds and Recalls, which includes a .docx file showing the steps. You can also call User Services at (256)824-6530.

Putting a book on hold.

What to look for if you are placing a hold.