For a limited time only…AP Images/AP Interactive Trial

To access please go to

Please come by the Reference Desk at the Library for username and password information.

To access the AP Interactive home page, click on the More Media tab at the top and select the Interactives link.

AP Images is a groundbreaking research tool that gives you unlimited access to the photos, audio clips, graphics and text articles of the Associated Press. The Associated Press has observed the world for over 180 years, witnessing events ranging from the Lincoln-Douglas debates to the release of the Chile miners and beyond capturing the full breadth, impact and majesty of history. This database has engaging relevant content that covers a cross section of curriculum in today’s student education. There are no outside links or inappropriate content. This is also sole source content and – All content is licensed for educational use and comes with caption and citation information.

Some of what you can experience on AP Images:

· Photos – There are more than 6.5 million photographs from 1825 to today (up to the minute), with about 3,000 new photos added every day.
· Graphic – There are more than 180,000 graphics, including maps, timelines, logos and graphs.
· Audio – Over 4,500 hours of audio clips dating from as far back as the 1920s, including hourly newscast updated 24/7.
· Text – In excess of 2.2 million full primary source articles which can be explored via highlighted search terms as they appear in the body of the story.

AP Interactives database explores current news and educational topics through interactive compilations of multimedia content. Integrating video, images, graphics, audio and text for a truly unique multimedia experience. AP Interactives provides instant access to a wealth of information on an ever-growing range of topics, gathered from The Associated Press’ venerable resources. Interactive files are conveniently grouped by major subject headings that include:
· Breaking News
· U.S. Domestic News & Features
· International News & features
· National Politics
· Finance
· Sports
· Travel
· Lifestyle
· Entertainment
· Special Events
· And many more

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