So, Just What IS a Roving Reference?

Next week, and for three more weeks planned so far for the Fall semester, some of the reference librarians will be out in other buildings, sitting behind a-table-made-into-a-desk, and calling it the “Roving Reference Desk”. What’s that about?

Well, it is pretty simple. We are the librarians for the campus as a whole. Our resources, ranging from old classic books to cutting edge pre-print research papers, are for the entire UAH community. While our base of operations is the Salmon Library, off slightly to the North side of the campus, our function is serve each and every student, faculty, staff, and guest at UAH by answering questions, helping with research, helping with resources, and generally trying to connect whoever asks us for it with the information they need. And while you are always more than welcome to visit us, we appreciate that classes and meetings and clubs and homework and jobs all take time and sometimes there isn’t enough of it in the day to have more destinations. For a few weeks in the Fall, we’ll do the best we can to help, by being in some of the buildings where you go to class or grab lunch, and hopefully in the Spring we can be in even more places.

You can stop by and talk to us in person. Ask us about library resources. Ask about finding information about [you name it]. Talk to us about what you think of the library. As we say, ask us anything.

This is on top of the various ways you can talk with us via digital and more traditional reference: we have chat, email, phone (256.824.6529), or you can catch us on Twitter or Facebook. Any of those ways. OR, you can visit us at the library. OR, you can stop by on the dates below and talk to us at the Roving Reference Desk. Whichever works best for you.

The first two weeks will be
September 15 through 18 and
September 29 through October 2

We will be in Morton Hall on Mondays,
in the Business Building on Tuesdays,
in the Shelby Center on Wednesdays,
and in the Charger Union on Thursdays.

These will be 11am to 1pm. More specific details, and further sessions, to be announced.

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