So…um, where’d the blog go?

Hi, everybody! Doug, here. If you are the type of person to pay attention to this sort of thing, and why wouldn’t you be, Fair Reader, you might have noticed that the library blog’s last entry was over a month ago. What’s going on?

What happened is that the wonderful Sheeji Kathuria, who had kept up the blog for some time, accepted a job offer to become Mississippi State University’s Social Science Librarian. In her absence, I’ll be stepping in to make some posts about the goings on around the library and the campus. The first entry will be next Monday, as I start a new series taking a look at some of the clubs, organizations, and people who keep our campus vibrant. I will also try to add in blogs taking a more in-depth approach about the resources the library offers. There will also be blog entries covering events and people around the library, as usual.

Before I go, though, just want to take a moment to say: Congrats, Sheeji, and thanks for your work on the blog and with all the things you’ve done around here!

See you next week.

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