What’s new at the library for 2012?

 Here is a recap of some changes we’ve already made at the library in 2012 and a few to come:

  •  Two new reading lamps have been installed in the coffee shop area.  It really makes a big difference when you are reading.  Be sure to grab one of the spots near the lamps and give your eyes a break!  
  • All of the electrical work that goes along with the new furniture in the coffee shop has now been completed.  You should be able to plug in your laptops now anywhere you see a plug (many of the new furniture pieces have built-in outlets).
  • Three new rolling white boards have appeared!  There are currently two in the coffee shop area and one in the east bay study area.  Bring your own dry-erase markers or you can check out some markers from the User Services Desk (first desk on your left when you walk into the library) with your Charger Card.  Feel free to move these around to where you need them.  These will be great for your study groups or an impromptu game of Pictionary! 
  • Onesearch is here!  Search for books, journals, and more all from one search box.  Learn more here.
  •  The UAH Library will be extending our biannual LAN Party initiative this semester by holding weekly Game Nights every Tuesday at 6pm in Room 111.  Each week, a different campus gaming club will host some of the most popular games.  Some of these include a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Game Night presented by the UAH FPS Club, as well as a number of informational sessions from the UAH Starcraft 2 Club.  These events will be held every Tuesday at 6pm, and are free and open to everyone, including non-UAH students!  These will all lead up to our next LAN Party on April 13th!
  • We now have a giant plasma TV in our lobby broadcasting UAH and Library News.  Take a look as you walk through the lobby to stay up-to-date on Library and UAH events and news.
  • We are working on a library catalog kiosk in the lobby.  This will allow students and guests to quickly search for a book in our library.

    Questions?  Contact us at 256-824-6529 or http://libanswers.uah.edu.


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