Protect your belongings

It is important to always protect your belongings when you are in a public space on campus, even if you only plan to leave your area for a minute.  UAHuntsville Police offer the following property security tips on their website:

  • Do not leave your valuables unattended – even for a moment
  • Never leave belongings in plain view in your car – lock them in the trunk
  • Register, engrave, mark, and/or photograph your valuables with your license number
  • Register your bike with Vehicle Registration and Parking Control
  • Keep your vehicle locked when it is parked and when you drive
  • Consider installing anti-theft or alarm devices on your vehicle
  • Secure the work area when you are away
  • Report any stolen items to the UAHuntsville Police Department immediately

Please visit the UAHuntsville Police site for more tips on personal and residential security.  For emergency situations, call the UAHuntsville Police directly at 256-824-6911 or dial 911.