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Electronic Articles

Go to the Amridge Online Library and from the top menu bar, click on E-Articles.

Electronic article databases are divided into six categories:

  • Comprehensive Sources
  • Business/Finance
  • Education
  • Social Sciences/Psychology
  • Religion
  • Government Documents

You may find it useful to begin searching in a Comphrensive Sources database like Academic Search Premier. They are excellent sources of information across many topics and can be good for multi-discipline searches.

An example of an article search

To search for articles about "distance education":

  1. Choose the database: Academic Search Premier (under Comprehensive Sources on the E-Articles page).
  2. Type these words in the top search box: "distance education".
  3. Leave the "Select a Field (optional)" dropdown box on that default setting, which will perform a keyword search across all fields.
  4. Optional: Under the section "Limit Your Results", there is an option to return Full Text articles only, you can check that if you want.
  5. Click on Search.

You will have several results. Some results will indicate they have full-text versions available. If you clicked "Full Text" under "Limit Your Results", then you should have only Full Text results.

Look at the choices for refining your search on the left. You can change these options—such as publication date—to narrow down your results even further.

Quick notes on Full text articles

Once you've entered a database, done a search and you found some material you like as a full-text article, you can:

  • Read it from the screen
  • Print it
  • Download it to your hard drive
  • Email it to YOUR email account

The copy you have is for your use in the classroom. Copyright law allows such Fair Use. You may not sell the article or upload it to a public server.