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With over 80,000 e-books and thousands of citations, abstracts, and full-text articles, your online library gives you access to a wealth of electronic study resources.

If you're new to the library, be sure to read the Library Guide before using this site; or, use the help links located in the left border of this page.

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Your gateway to over 80,000 online books in a broad array of subjects, including science, social/behavorial disciplines, and the humanities.

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Go directly to the online book catalog, or learn how to request books from the online library.

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Find electronic articles through web sites and databases granting you access to thousands of citations, abstracts, and full-text articles.


Read time-saving information about dissertations, or go to the Dissertations Express database.

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Having trouble navigating the online resources? We strongly recommend that you print out the text version of theĀ library guideĀ and use it as a reference as you navigate the online library.