Parking at the Library

We realize that as finals are in session and visits by all to the library become more frequent, parking can quickly become a problem at peak hours throughout the day.  While arriving to campus early to compensate for the crowds on campus during these times of the year is always recommended, we’d also like to suggest alternative parking places that offer quick access to the library.

The first recommended location is just in front of Wilson Hall and the Business Administration Building.  These parking spaces are usually mostly unoccupied in the morning and late afternoon hours and are a relatively short walk away via sidewalks leading to the library.  Also usually available is the parking lot directly in front of Spragins Hall.  This is a bit of a longer walk, but is almost always available.  These spaces are also highly recommended to Nursing students, as the Nursing Building is a much shorter walk from here than from the parking lot in front of the library.

Other spots include the area across Holmes Ave., although traffic can sometimes be a problem during rush hours.  Please use caution when crossing the street from this area.  You might also try the parking lot near Morton Hall and the University Center if you will also be visiting these areas.

Parking should allievieate significantly in the weeks ahead, but be prepared for similar crowds in August as the Fall semester reconvenes.  In the meantime, be sure to take a look at this section of the campus map for a visual listing of each of these locations.