New Database: Europa World Year Book

The UAH Library is pleased to announce the addition of Europa World Year Book to its database collection, with thanks to the Alabama Virtual Library. The Europa World Year Book provides detailed country surveys containing the latest analytical, statistical, and directory data available for over 250 countries and territories.The database includes a comprehensive listing of some 1,700 International Organizations such as the United Nations, The European Union, the International Organization for Migration and the World Trade Organization, and provides details of countries arranged alphabetically from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Each country is covered by an individual chapter containing:

* A unique introductory survey covering recent history; economic affairs; government; defense; education; and public holidays.

* An extensive statistical survey using the latest available figures on area and population; health and welfare; agriculture; forestry; fishing; industry; finance; trade; transport; tourism; the media; and education.

* A comprehensive directory section listing names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email and internet addresses,

* plus other useful facts on about organizations from the fields of government; political organizations; diplomatic representation; judicial system; religions; the press; publishers; broadcasting and communications; banking; insurance; trade and industry; development organizations; chambers of commerce; industrial and trade associations; utilities;

* trade unions; transport and tourism.

To visit the database, point your browser to: